—As a former professional chef, it’s pretty obvious I have a passion for food & cooking. At 19 I started at Slocum House in Fair Oaks as a busser. Within a month, I had finagled my way into the kitchen as a dishwasher and prep cook. Eventually I worked my way up to Sous Chef, but after almost 4 years I decided to make a change. I had accomplished the goals I set; I had passion, talent, skills, and absolutely love to cook. What I did not realize when I set those goals, is the amount of time that would be required of me once I achieved my ultimate goal- Owner/Executive Chef. The time I would require of myself simply would not allow me the amount of time with my family I desired.

—When I left Slocum House, I transitioned back to the front of house while still working kitchen shifts occasionally. Eventually I wound up in the software industry as well as real estate finance. Working only 40-50 hours per week, I now had time to enjoy cooking at home! I must admit, I won’t complain about working bankers hours. In my position at StreamSend in Sacramento, I dealt with beta products. I was responsible for identifying markets and how they fit into those markets. And here it is folks, with the exception of this WordPress Blog Site, my entire ZFlyingChef online network is running on a StreamSend backbone! Oh, did I mention this cost me absolutely nothing other than my man hours?

—This blog is primarily about food but you will find content about my favorite sports & teams, as well as local news and other random things I find interesting! (i.e. aviation, etc..) I hope you find this interesting and encourage you to provide feedback about the recipes, techniques, and information as well as requests about what you would like to see added!

##Remember: “You Must Eat To Live So Embrace It!”##